New referral models for enhanced patient experience

Do you want to improve the referral process? Find out what changes need to be made to improve the patient experience.

In this eGuide, discover:

  • What issues arise from delayed referrals.
  • How to streamline the patient’s journey from primary to secondary care.
  • Why quality and speediness of referrals may mean the difference between living a full life and a premature death.

Find out how to engage with your patients and communicate effectively in remote patient care.

Discover how to lead the way with quality referral processes for the provider, patient and specialist. Download your free eGuide The Modern Patient Experience: Bringing referrals into the 21st century.

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Tony Rich

Global Market Segments and Programs

Prior to Unify, Tony Rich was a healthcare transformation consultant with over 10 years’ experience as an interim director/CIO at numerous NHS Trusts in acute and primary care. He has also been closely involved in many award winning global healthcare innovations for a variety of overseas organisations involving communications, RFID, social media and other technologies. Tony is also one of the founding members of the Health Transformation Project in the United States and active global HIMSS member and mentor.