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How the healthcare CIO can justify next-gen technology in modern patient care

How healthcare CIOs can help meet the challenges facing healthcare organizations

Technology will accelerate adoption of new care models. And it’ll help your organization reduce costs while improving patient outcomes

Healthcare CIOs are in an excellent position to help shape the future of modern healthcare. They should actively communicate the benefits of, and promote the use of, technologies that can improve patient outcomes and patient experiences.

In this report, we’ll give you what you need to do just that. We’ll explain how:

  • Technology is accelerating adoption of new care models across the globe.
  • Technology can cut time spent on administration and create more time to care.
  • Connecting patients and healthcare providers will enable a better patient experience and put the patient at the center of their care journey.

Patient needs are changing and new models of care are needed to develop the level of care and patient experience – but also to reduce costs and create a sustainable healthcare system

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