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How primary care physicians can bring healthcare referrals into the 21st century

The new referral models to enhance the patient journey

How to streamline the patient journey from primary to secondary care

A modern approach to referrals is key to transformation. Find out what changes need to be made to improve the patient experience and deliver enhanced outcomes.

In this paper, we discuss:

  • How to connect the patient and care provider better in the referral process to improve outcomes.
  • Why new referral models are crucial to deliver improved patient care to de-stress the patient and mitigate re-referral.
  • Why timeliness alone is not enough in the referral process and how you can use technology to build a better overall experience for staff and patients alike.

For certain conditions, referral effectiveness may mean the difference between living a full life and a premature death. Prompt referral of primary care patients for specialist investigations will increase the likelihood of positive health outcomes

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