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On a desktop conference
and need to catch a train?
Swipe the Circuit call to your
mobile device.  Pull it back to your
laptop when you’re in your seat or
get where you’re going.
Have a problem that
needs a team response?
See who’s online and available,
and invite them to an instant
conference with a single click.
Wherever they are.
Need files and data
from elsewhere?
Get access to Box, Google Drive
and hundreds of business and
personal productivity apps
straight from Circuit.

Circuit is built for business.  You get robust, enterprise-grade voice, guest access
and a host of telephony features that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.
There are no separate apps,multiple windows or tabs.  And there’s no need to
share confidential details on public social networks, use external file transfer
sites, or pay for high-cost conference bridges and video calls.

Everything shared in Circuit stays
exactly where you put it – in the
conversation stream.
All your files, documents, comments,
audio and video recordings.  And
everything’s searchable.  Nothing gets
missed.  And because every conversation
continues in context, it’s easy to pick up
where you left off.
Integrate your web-based
process with Circuit to add a
whole new level of collaboration
and communication.
Add extensions to make Circuit your
gateway to hundreds of business apps.
Or go further. Integrate Circuit with
your IoT supply chain, logistics or stock
management systems.
Circuit is built for business.
Underneath the social media interface
lies a robust enterprise-grade platform.
Which means everything’s fully secure,
instantly scalable and resilient.  PBX
integration means you can dialout.
And if you need 300 people on a video
call, that’s fine too!

The instinctive app that
brings it all together.
Make your
teamwork better.
Complete Connectivity
Effective workplace communication is more important than ever. Every industry faces disruption but sticking to the status quo will no longer cut it. Those on the front foot use digital tools, like Circuit, to make their employees’ lives easier, streamline everyday tasks, and enable constant and instantaneous communication. Download the eBook to find out more.
Seeing is
How to make workplace communication simple and effective

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