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5 Tips to Reduce Risk in a Changing Marketplace
The telecom industry continues to transform.  If your technology provider is yet to adapt to the changing market, you may be (rightly) sensing a bit more risk than you’d like. 

Here are 5 things you can do to mitigate risk while you see how things turn out at Avaya.

Update your system software . . . if it’s quick and inexpensive.  If you’re on a software assurance plan and updating doesn’t involve costly hardware or integration changes, keep your software current.  It’s essential to the security and reliability of your system. 

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1. Update for Security
2. Costly Upgrades? Will it Be Worth it?
Customer Engagement
Keep Your Trusted Provider
3. Shift Critical Apps
Shop Around
Think carefully about how you spend to keep your communications environment up to date. If you’re not on a software assurance plan; if upgrading is expensive; or your system is at or near end of life, it’s a good time to step back and make sure you’re not throwing good money after bad. 

Evaluate options for new systems, including special trade-in offers, moving to a proven cloud-based solution or working with a partner that can manage your aging systems through a gradual, optimized transition.  Don’t be lulled into thinking your system is “just dial tone”. You may find your connection to customers and employees will suffer. 

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If your current platform is older than 6 years; if you’re not on a native SIP platform; if you’ve got more than a couple of servers; or if your comms isn’t virtualized in your data center – chances are you can do better by making a jump to a fresh platform.  You’ll reduce complexity, hardware support and costs – all while opening the door to new opportunities to advance your company’s digital transformation and become more competitive.

If it’s time for a new platform, talk to vendors that have a stronger balance sheet and clear vision for the future that embraces a broader range of IT requirements. The role of communications technology has fundamentally changed since you purchased an older system. Make sure your vendor has a broader view to support your business’ Digital Transformation.

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Focus on Mission Critical Apps. Consider shifting essential applications to a 3rd party that can provide transparent integration to your current voice platform until you’re ready to replace it. A 3rd party application that offers seamless integration with a range of voice platforms gives you the functionality and integration you need, without the risk of falling behind or continuing to spend on apps that are likely targets for a sell-off or cuts in the development budget. 

There are two key candidates for this strategy:  Customer Engagement and Collaboration.
Don’t hold your breath waiting for a struggling vendor to get aboard the collaboration 2.0 train.  Your users expect to collaborate via all modern media, on any device, wherever they are. Leaning on old, complex, multi-product unified communication apps is costly – and your users will go their own way, leaving your intellectual property scattered.

This is the perfect time to look at a secure, cloud-based, modern collaboration solution, such as Circuit. Your users can text, chat, call, conference, file-share – all in one secure location that IT can keep an eye on. You can integrate seamlessly with your in-place voice platform, so your existing dialing plan transparently connects mobile devices and screen-based telephony.  Plus, you can pay as you go, and you’ll probably save a bundle managing complex UC integrations.

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Check out your options. In times like this, it really doesn’t hurt to look.  Take time to get a fresh view of solutions from other manufacturers. Know what’s out there, and spend your money on tech that has a sure life cycle.

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A major upgrade of an unstable platform may not be your best investment choice. Delay or consider other options.
Customer Engagement technology has a direct impact on costs,  revenues and the reputation of most organizations.  It’s also a higher cost solution in most businesses. So, it’s critical to reduce the risk of falling behind, as well as the risk of continuing to spend on a solution with an uncertain future. 

Before making further investments in at-risk contact center apps, take a good look at third-party solutions, like Campaign Director. It can operate seamlessly with an Avaya, Nortel or other voice platform, while giving you a more secure investment (and likely some savings on operating and integration costs).  [A reputable IT Services company can make the multi-vendor experience painless, and likely create better synergies with your broader customer engagement ecosystem.)

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Shift critical apps to a third-party to reduce the risk of disruption and ensure a stronger investment lifecycle.
Current software is key to system security. If it's low cost and low complexity, update your platform.

4. Refresh Your View of the Big Picture
Communications has changed. The industry has changed.
User and customer expectations have changed.

Take a fresh look at your strategy - and the big picture on vendor capabilities.

Reaquaint yourself with market options - and ask about trade-in opportunities for Avaya and Nortel systems.
We understand that communication is mission critical for all businesses. We also respect that you’ve made significant investments in your Avaya or Nortel systems. Our approach to serving our customers includes transition planning, support services to make change practical and painless, and options for cloud, premise and hybrid solutions to fit your priorities.

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