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5 ways to make technology work for patients suffering from mental disorders

Modern technologies will enhance how mental healthcare is delivered in the patient journey

But it all starts by positively engaging patients in the care journey

The number of veterans obtaining specialized PTSD treatment from the VA has increased from around 900,000 in 2006 to more than 1.6 million in 2015. Health organizations must realize the power of unified communications in treating more veterans and non-veterans who suffer from mental disorders such as PTSD.

In this eGuide, learn about the positive impact communication-based technologies can have on how care is delivered in mental disorder services. We’ll show how it can:

  • Increase proactive action from chronic episodes.
  • Support continuity in the patient journey.
  • Help care be more hospitality-oriented.

Find out how technology can help mental healthcare institutions enhance the quality of care and improve the patient experience

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